Depending on when your child's birthday falls and therefore when they move on to school, our older preschoolers will join the Owls.  Eligible families can continue to take advantage of 30 hours free childcare.

The prospect of starting school can be unnerving and worrying for many children but we feel that our philosophy and our environment gives children confidence and we continually support this and encourage every child to think for themselves, to solve problems, to work with others, to communicate, and to gain an increasing understanding of the world and how it works.

Throughout their time as wise little Owls at Footsteps, your child will continue to participate in our rich learning programme and we extend our wide range of activities to offer spanish language classes.  We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave the nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently, whilst taking with them the enjoyment of learning and a pride in their achievements. 

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