​We are absolutely delighted with our most recent Ofsted inspections (2017 and 2018). Here are a few quotes from our reports.

"The nursery is a positive place to learn. It is full of inquisitive and confident children."

"There are excellent systems for involving parents in their child's learning."

"Staff are skilled in promoting children's language and communication"

"The many opportunities provided by staff means that the majority of children are very confident in engaging in conversations with adults."

"Teaching is good because staff are enthusiastic and motivate children's learning well. As a result children are progressing very well towards the early learning goals."

"Children have secure relationships with staff who know them well. They are confident and actively explore the stimulating environment that staff provide. All children make good progress in their learning and development." 

"The high level of qualified staff has a positive impact on outcomes for children."

"Children benefit from a caring and inclusive learning environment"

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