Our Nursery

Our Nursery

A friendly and nurturing safe-haven is created within our nursery, based on warm and caring relationships between our nursery practitioners and the children in their care. 

Our brand new state-of-the-art building hosts our four stages: bunnies, squirrels, foxes and owls, as well as our inspiring garden and art studio. Our purpose built environment has been designed with children in mind, allowing them to move smoothly between outdoor and indoor learning.


We group the children according to the mix of children who are with us at any one time and their hugely varying attributes and preferences. We will support you and your child through each transition.

Through each stage of development our careful planning, guidance, support and teaching will nurture your child through these vital early years before school.

All activities for your child's development will be planned and displayed in your little one's room. Every child will have the daily opportunity to spend time outside. There are weekly activities in our creative arts studio along with language, music, movement and sounds classes.  We organise regular local walks in addition to trips to garden centres, libraries and parks.



"We have highly experienced staff whose priority is to follow the home routine of your baby as closely as possible."

1-2 Years



"Staff will begin to create a structured day with a large choice of learning opportunities."

2-3 Years



"As children move out of toddlerhood and into the preschool years the learning develops into a more structured pace."

3-4 Years



"We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave the nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently."

4-5 Years

Our Art Studio

Paint brush.png

"The art area will whet their creative appetite and invite experimentation."

Our Art Studio

Our Garden

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"Our garden offers endless opportunities for your little ones to explore and learn about safe risk taking and being part of a team."

Our Garden

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