Our Garden

Our Garden

Our garden offers endless opportunities for your little ones to explore and learn about safe risk taking and being part of a team. Children will learn how to move around in open spaces and how to stay safe whilst gaining confidence in accessing the outdoors, in a variety of weathers, whilst benefitting from sensory engagement and stimulation.

Our Play Towers offer physical development opportunities to climb, crawl, hide, balance and experience height. 

We have designed a natural area and mud garden, which encourages children to investigate and explore natural materials. At Footsteps our team of practitioners have a passion for creating exciting and engaging outdoor activities, such as: den building, foraging, getting creative with woodland resources, jumping in puddles, rolling in leaves, hunting for mini beasts, making mud pies and fairy gardens....And much, much more!

We have a planting and growing area where children can grow plants and vegetables and learn about looking after them and there is an opportunity to dig using a range of tools. This area has been designed to encourage a range of wildlife enabling the children to observe and learn about nature. Our planting area is taking shape and will be fully ready in the spring.

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