At Footsteps we are passionate about getting your children outside. Outdoor learning makes a major contribution to children's development and gives children the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of imaginary, sensory and physical activities. We go outside every day and in all weather.

We believe that giving children the opportunity to experience the natural world from an early age is vital for their wellbeing. There are many benefits for their health, learning and creativity. 

The environment we have created is inspired by our love for nature. Through digging, planting, vegetable growing, nature kitchens, foraging trails and messy play of all kinds we provide enriching learning for children, right here in Wilmslow.

Our open plan setting will allow you child to experience indoor and outdoor learning simultaneously. 

We also offer a variety of wonderful indoor nursery gyms to give your little one every opportunity to stay active.  


"Let nature be your teacher"- William Wordsworth

An excellent nursery in Wilmslow