Our Art Studio

Our Art Studio

"[Art is] both an approach to the world and a manifestation of life's grandeur, [not] a narrowly defined set of activities in a set location"- Jim Greenman, Early Years Settings Author.


Children learn best in an environment where they are able to fully immerse themselves in their creativity and choose activities. 

At Footsteps we recognise that the creative process is more important than the end product and creative activity builds children's confidence and self esteem.  It opens avenues of discovery. 

Our art studio will whet their creative appetite and invite experimentation. This open space is available to all the children, with their practitioners, allowing them to take their creative projects to the next level. Children will have access to a wide range of art materials that they can self select.

Facility highlights include:

  • A proper woodwork bench where children can construct using real and reliable tools - under the close supervision of our staff of course.

  • A fantastic water and wet sand table.

  • Dough, clay and similar materials can be used for sensory investigation.

  • Variety of specialised tools to roll, indent and shape their creations.

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